What is SAT?

What is SAT?

Scholastic Assessment Test, is a test for admission to undergraduate colleges in the US and Canada and is wholly& solely governed and run by the College Board. SAT exam has been created to assess the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates. If the student is looking to get admission to a particular course, she/he can take the SAT Subject Tests to show his/her knowledge and understanding of that particular subject. Subject tests are offered in areas like Literature, History, Mathematics, Sciences, and Foreign Languages.

Many colleges and universities accept the SAT but, now many colleges and universities are experimenting with test-optional admission requirements. In India, all universities that are affiliated with the Indian Higher Education Alliance which are brought in by The College Board are accepting SAT scores for admissions, and there are 50 institutes that are spread across 30 major cities who accept SAT tests.

We at THE FLI play a significant role in the selection process of the SAT exam. In the yesteryears, the idea of international education brought with it a lot of complexities as well as quite a lot of difficulties as well. However, things have now become a lot easier, where a candidate now needs to concentrate on clearing exams like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, etc.

All these exams or Language Proficiency Tests are conducted for non-native English speaking countries and, are a measure of how well one can cope up and adjusts themselves pretty well with the foreign language that is English.

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SAT though, is for both the native and the non-native English speakers. And, to grab your goal perfectly you would need the assistance and support of the best SAT coaching institute in Hyderabad.

THE FLI is undoubtedly the right place for you, which works with a very clear vision of the win-win situation for the students. We are physically located at Ameerpet, in Hyderabad, and have been very successful in providing the correct piece of advice to the students and help them select and secure admissions in the universities of their choice.

Traditional classroom-based learning is definitely a great way to decorate yourself with the right skill set. Furthermore, the effectiveness of studying online also leaves no room for any other substitute. We understand the importance of the right style of training, be it classroom-based or the more recent online structure.

In simpler terms, we have very successfully designed through our years of experience a specific kind of training structure and it’s very comprehensive training material, which very efficiently covers the written, verbal and mathematical aspects of SAT. This one of its kind SAT training course is very popular among the students.

We also assist throughout the application process and offer a full range of support services. Our objective is to have a strong ‘support line’ between the student and the university. We are even known for our superior services and honest counseling.

THE FLI has strong goodwill amongst the student community and is widely respected for its judgment and advice. Last but not the least, we regularly conduct seminars, workshops, and counseling sessions for students who are very well received. We are here to be your best support, a support that can not only make complicated things easier but, also bring a smile on your face.

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