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If you belong to any non-English speaking country, meaning, if you are not a native English language speaker and you envision to study in a country where English is a primary language, then you may have come across a test known as TOEFL. If not, then let us first try to learn what it is, and also what exactly does an aspiring individual needs to know about it.


TOEFL stands for( Test Of English Language as a Foreign Language), and basically put, it is a systematized test that very well gauges and determines a candidate’s or a test taker’s proficiency of the language, which is English. In addition to this, TOEFL iBT (internet-based test) also acts like a yardstick, that evaluates the candidate’s potentiality to not only utilize, but, also at the very same time comprehend the English language at the university level.

It is designed to figure out that, how efficiently an individual amalgamates his/her reading, listening, speaking & writing skills to accomplish the educational or academic assignment. Along with the significant purpose of international education, TOEFL also helps you find your way in work as well as global migration. The scores of TOEFL are very widely accepted by more than 11000 universities in more than 150 countries around the globe, with countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand playing the major role. In addition, many governments, licensing, and certification agencies and exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL scores to evaluate the English proficiency of people for whom English is not their native language.

One more striking feature of TOEFL is that it has an edge over any other English language proficiency test is, as it has over 4000 test centers one can use. In addition to this, if one has to travel to the selected location to give the exams, then he/she can automatically save a lot of time and money because the test can be completed in just one day. So, it is both convenient and cost-effective.


The TOEFL test structure is undoubted quite a straightforward and a consequent one. We have already mentioned above about the four main parts, which are: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, the exam is approximately four and a half hours long. The questions of some sections can be incorporated, for example, the candidate may need to read, listen, and then give an answer in a written or oral form.

Now let’s try to look at the description of each section below to have better comprehensibility of the exam pattern.

TOEFL iBT Test Sections

Section Time Limit Questions Scores Tasks
Reading 54–72 minutes 30–40 questions 0-30 Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.
Listening 41–57 minutes 28–39 questions 0-30 Listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, then answer questions.
Break 10 minutes 0-30
Speaking 17 minutes 4 tasks 0-30 Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks.
Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks 0-30 Write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing.

NOTE:- TOEFL is valid for 2 years from the qualifying date.

TOEFL Score Measurement

TOEFL has a very distinctively designed pattern that acts as a yardstick to evaluate the skill set of the candidates. There is a unique score range for each of the skills, which is measured on the TOEFL iBT test. Furthermore, each skill has 4 or 5 language proficiency levels.

TOEFL score is measured on a 0-120 scale, i.e. 0-30 TOEFL scores for each section.

Although the score range for each of the four test sections (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing) is from 0 to 30, each section has a separate measure, which is the evaluation pattern and each measure has its own scale.

Finally, the test gives an unprejudiced course of action of your English language ability. Because, the test is scored anonymously, and no interviews are included as part of the process. If you know the language of English well, then you will score well, as simple as that. Hence, the TOEFL is the best exercise of your capabilities to thrive in an English speaking program.


First thing first, TOEFL is not a walk in the park, so to get the desired score the student must put an incredible amount of hard work.

We put a lot of stress on the preparation and to begin with it, what is better than taking a practice test, this will automatically make the student aware of the significance of the test and will also develop a very good tuning with us to take their best shot.

Another very important thing that we do along with other strategies in the class like Understanding the subject, Recording the students when they speak, Structuring and Time Management, etc.

toefl coaching in hyderabad

to name a few, is that we organize our classes in a backward direction. This helps the students to very effectively go through the classes and maintain a good grasp of the subject. Finally, 45 days is the time frame that we have designed for the course to get completed, and eventually, help the students to excel.

THE FLI is undoubtedly the right place for you, which works with a very clear vision of the win-win situation for the students. We are physically located at Ameerpet, in Hyderabad, and have been very successful in providing the correct piece of advice to the students and help them select and secure admissions in the universities of their choice.

Traditional classroom-based learning is definitely a great way to decorate yourself with the right skill set. However, the effectiveness of studying online also leaves no room for any other substitute. In simpler terms, one cannot deny it’s a resounding pattern, which is very popular among the students worldwide. Hence, keeping this viewpoint into our mind as one of the top priorities, we have designed our online TOEFL course. TOEFL  iBT is an online exam and that is the reason why a candidate’s taking this course, which is designed by the dedicated TOEFL iBT experts will make it possible for him/her to study in the format that is best suited for the exam structure.

We also assist throughout the application process and offer a full range of support services. Our objective is to have a strong ‘support line’ between the student and the university. We are even known for our superior services and honest counseling. THE FLI has strong goodwill amongst the student community and is widely respected for its judgment and advice. Last but not the least, we regularly conduct seminars, workshops, and counseling sessions for students who are very well received. We are here to be your best support, a support that can not only make complicated things easier but, also bring a smile on your face.

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