IELTS Exam Pattern

IELTS Exam Pattern

As discussed, the IELTS test has fourModules- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and it has two versions,Academic test and the general training test. IELTS test is conducted in twomanners- a paper-based test and the computer-delivered IELTS test, which isrecently launched by IDP.

Under the paper-based manner, test takers will takethe listening, writing and reading modules in the day-1 and the speaking modulewill be conducted on a different day. The scenario will change in the case ofCDT (computer-based test), all the four modules will be conducted on the sameday.

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The duration for the day-1 test (Listening,reading and writing) will be 2 hrs 40 min and the Speaking module takes 11 to14 minutes. In order to finish prior formalities of the test, the applicant has a report at the exam center at 11:30 am. The test will mostly start at 1:00 pm inall the test centers in India and ends by 4:00 pm. Candidate’s performance inthe test is evaluated on a scale of 1-9 band score and the test takers should getthe eligible band score set up by the university/immigration authority theyhave applied.

Listening 40 MIN (30 Min + 10 min grace)
Reading 60 MIN
Writing 60 MIN
Speaking 11-14 MIN

In the IELTS listening module the test taker is required to take four sections where monologues and recorded conversations will be played in every section and you need to write the answers to the questions given upon the recording. In section-1 you will listen to a conversation between two people set in an everyday life context e.g. booking a suite room in a motel, In section-2 you will listen to a monologue set in everyday social circumstances e.g. how the earth is being affected by global warming etc. In section-3, you listen to a discussion between up to four people set in an educational sequence e.g. three students discussing convocation day arrangements, a teacher and student conversation about developments necessary in public transport etc.

The questions are given from the recording you hear and the same happens with the other sections. A variety of questions will be given like form completion format, note completion, table completion, flowchart completion, sentence completion, summary completion, short answer questions, plan/map labeling, diagram labeling, diagram labeling, multiple-choice, and matching. Let us understand the question format through any one format from the above-mentioned in IELTS Exam Pattern.

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